South Asia Holdings, a prominent business conglomerate, faced significant challenges in their distribution management processes. The reliance on heavy paperwork, lack of timely reporting, and the inability to access real-time business status hindered their operational efficiency. Recognizing these pain points, we developed a comprehensive Distribution Management System tailored specifically for South Asia Holdings. This innovative solution aimed to streamline their operations, provide accurate reporting, and enable live tracking of their business activities.


The Distribution Management System we implemented for South Asia Holdings addressed their pressing needs effectively. The system encompassed various critical functionalities, such as cash collection, due management, settlements, and cheque management. By automating these processes, we eliminated the burden of manual paperwork, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, we integrated our system seamlessly with the "Unilever Order Management System," enabling smooth collaboration and efficient data exchange between the two platforms. One of the standout features of our Distribution Management System is its online accessibility. The system was made available to authorized personnel from anywhere, allowing them to access critical information and perform necessary tasks remotely. This level of accessibility empowered stakeholders to make informed decisions promptly and take appropriate actions, irrespective of their physical location.

Our Solution

The implementation of our Distribution Management System brought about a transformative outcome for South Asia Holdings. The automation of cash collection, due management, settlements, and cheque management significantly reduced administrative overhead, saving time and resources. The integration with the Unilever Order Management System facilitated seamless communication and enhanced supply chain coordination, improving overall operational efficiency. Moreover, the real-time reporting capabilities of our system empowered South Asia Holdings to monitor their business activities, track sales performance, and identify potential bottlenecks promptly. This level of visibility enabled timely interventions and strategic decision-making, leading to optimized distribution processes and increased customer satisfaction. In summary, our Distribution Management System has revolutionized the way South Asia Holdings manages its distribution operations. By eliminating paperwork, enabling real-time reporting, and integrating with external systems, we have provided the company with an efficient and transparent platform. The online accessibility of the system ensures that stakeholders can access crucial information from anywhere, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive business growth. The implementation of our system has streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration, and facilitated data-driven decision-making for South Asia Holdings in their pursuit of operational excellence.

Key Modules

Integrated to
"unilever" system







Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

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