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At iRest, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver perfect solutions tailored to meet each and every client's unique requirements. Our dedication to providing the best solutions is fueled by the satisfaction of our customers, and we always strive for 100% customer delight. Explore our user-friendly and intuitive UIs that exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional software experiences.

Introps: We Deliver the Best
Introps: We Deliver the Best
Introps: We Deliver the Best
Introps: We Deliver the Best
Introps: We Deliver the Best

features we offer with iRest

Discover iRest, your all-in-one restaurant solution. Streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction with our comprehensive features. Explore now.

Inventory Management

This module offers precise inventory management, including automatic deduction based on recipes and detailed stock insights for informed decisions.


"iREST" accounting simplifies financial management, adhering to Sri Lankan accounting standards, enabling streamlined and transparent record-keeping for strategic business focus.

Multi Store Management

"iREST" offers unique multi-branch management, allowing centralized data access and automatic connection to an unlimited number of restaurant branches.

Production Management

The system streamlines in-house bakery production, ensuring a profitable source of income. It automates ingredient management, cost calculations, batch scheduling, and more.

Bar Management

Unlike many restaurant systems, "iREST" excels in bar management. It maintains separate liquor stocks, offers separate billing for the bar, and seamlessly connects kitchen and bar orders.

Stat and Reports

"iREST" provides a comprehensive set of customizable reports and dashboards that offer insights into restaurant operations, empowering efficient decision-making and enhanced productivity.

iREST - Restaurant Software Solution

Inventroy Management (Stock)
User & Permission management
Production Management
Offline POS Terminal Software
(1 terminal)
QR Based Smart Mobile Menu
Recipe Management
24x7 Customer Support
Custom Development

Common Challenges Without Modern Restaurant Systems

In the absence of a robust restaurant management system, eateries often grapple with a multitude of operational challenges. Outdated or nonexistent systems can lead to order inaccuracies, delays in service, and a cumbersome billing process. Staff may struggle with inefficient workflows, hindering their ability to provide top-notch customer service. Moreover, inventory management becomes an uphill battle, resulting in wastage and overstocking issues. These limitations not only strain resources but also compromise the overall dining experience, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction. iREST addresses these pain points, offering a streamlined solution that revolutionizes restaurant operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures a seamless dining experience for both staff and patrons.

Why “iREST” being the choice of many?

"iREST" is a versatile hybrid solution designed for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and bars of all sizes. It streamlines operations, enhances customer service, and offers control to managers and owners. Thousands of restaurants trust "iREST" for its exceptional features.

"iREST" POS is a versatile hybrid solution, functioning both online and offline while syncing data with the cloud. It offers user-friendly interfaces, supports various hardware, and efficiently manages restaurant orders, payments, and billing. It ensures seamless operations even without an internet connection.

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Super Speed Operations

iRest POS provides an ultrafast and a smooth operation to serve your customers with zero delay.


iRest cloud servers let you access the back-end system from anywhere anytime with better security and maximum performance.


No internet required to make sales and general operations with iSync Technology. Once you connect, it shares all the information with cloud.


"iREST" simplifies dining with its Smart Menu. Scan a QR code at your table to access the latest menu, order conveniently, and get instant bill updates while dining in


"iREST" offers a user-friendly interface for restaurant staff, streamlining order entry with efficient, click-free technology, providing an exceptional customer experience.


"iREST" offers comprehensive dashboards, trends, and accurate reports, enabling real-time decision-making and customizable insights for effective restaurant management.