Genzo Holdings is a Private Limited Company based on Central Province Sri Lanka with the objective of creating Sri Lanka's first strong business structure for internet entrepreneurs. This leading e-commerce service provider was established in 2021 by Mr. Amila Ekanayake. This business owns and manage 30 businesses serving more than 100,000 satisfied customers. As a leading e-commerce service provider Genzo Holdings usually operates more than 200 orders per day. As a monthly total, records with 4000+ orders per month. It was a huge challenge for Genzo to manage all these orders manually with the high demand exists for their products. As a solution for this they have started using excel sheets and also the system available for deliveries in different currier services. However, it was a temporary solution where it leads to another mess of less transparent process. Therefore, Mr. Amila came to Introps with tons of problems regarding his business.


Genzo Holdings faced numerous challenges, including the inability to manage a high volume of daily orders, leading to missing and duplicated orders, as well as a high return rate due to these issues. Additionally, they struggled with managing their customer database, relied heavily on delivery service reports, and experienced frequent human errors due to manual workloads. The lack of transparent processes made it difficult to identify bottlenecks, and there was a lack of effective communication among the team. Furthermore, they had no means to evaluate team performance and faced operational issues with third-party delivery companies. Printing waybills and managing drop shippers were additional challenges. With no updated and visible data for strategic decision-making, their existing Excel and legacy systems fell short of meeting their business requirements.

Our Solution

Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can effectively address a range of challenges faced by businesses, such as managing high volumes of daily orders, minimizing missing and duplicated orders, reducing return rates, streamlining customer database management, decreasing dependency on delivery service reports, minimizing human errors, improving transparency in identifying bottlenecks, enhancing team communication, evaluating team performance, addressing operational issues with third parties, and providing updated data for strategic decision-making.

Key Modules

Product &
Inventory Management

CRM Lead


Shipment / Delivery


Invoice, Payment
& Finance

Connects All
Courior Companies

Delivery App
for Riders

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