LCL Campus, led by Mr. Chanaka Dissanayke, is a registered private institute that offers comprehensive classroom and online learning experiences with state-of-the-art facilities. With a dedicated team of supportive staff and experienced lecturers, LCL is committed to providing high-quality education and consulting services to micro, small, and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka. Unique to LCL, they offer free lecture recordings alongside regular classroom and online lectures, making education accessible to students from all areas. Like many educational institutions, LCL Campus faced unprecedented challenges during the global pandemic. Mr. Chanaka approached Introps in 2020 with a vision to initiate an online learning program that would empower students across Sri Lanka. However, LCL encountered difficulties managing administrative and academic tasks efficiently while maintaining student records, attendance, and payment details. They sought a customized school management solution that would streamline their operations and provide easy access to their work anytime, anywhere.


LCL Campus confronted a myriad of challenges that demanded innovative solutions. These encompassed a heavy reliance on paper-based processes, the need for a seamless online registration system, efficient course management, robust teacher evaluation mechanisms, enhanced communication tools, effective classroom management solutions, comprehensive student monitoring capabilities, refined revenue management strategies, greater customization options, and, critically, the establishment of a centralized, data-driven view to guide strategic decisions and foster institutional growth and success.

Our Solution

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution can effectively address the challenges faced by LCL Campus. It can eliminate paper reliance by digitizing processes, enable online registration, and facilitate efficient course management. Teacher evaluation can be streamlined through student feedback mechanisms and performance tracking. Effective communication can be achieved with messaging and notification features. Classroom management can be improved through attendance tracking, grading, and resource sharing. Student monitoring can be enhanced with progress tracking and intervention mechanisms. Revenue management can be streamlined with fee management and financial reporting tools. Customization options can be provided to meet specific needs, and a centralized view can be achieved through a comprehensive dashboard. Implementing an ERP solution should consider requirements, budget, scalability, security, and user training and support.

Key Modules

Learning Management
System (LMS)

Digital Timetable/ Class
Routine Schedule


Student Attendance
and Management


Exam and Exam
Marks Management

Account System

User Interface

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