Featured Project - Drop Shipping and Order Processing Solution

The challange

Genzo Holdings is a Private Limited Company based on Central Province Sri Lanka with the objective of creating Sri Lanka's first strong business structure for internet entrepreneurs. This leading e-commerce service provider was established in 2021 by Mr. Amila Ekanayake. This business owns and manage 30 businesses serving more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

As a leading e-commerce service provider Genzo Holdings usually operates more than 200 orders per day. As a monthly total, records with 4000+ orders per month. It was a huge challenge for Genzo to manage all these orders manually with the high demand exists for their products. As a solution for this they have started using excel sheets and also the system available for deliveries in different currier services. However, it was a temporary solution where it leads to another mess of less transparent process. Therefore, Mr. Amila came to Introps with tons of problems regarding his business.

Troubles with genzo

  • ✅Inability to manage high load of daily orders
  • ✅Missing orders, duplications of orders
  • ✅high return rate due to duplications and other mistakes
  • ✅Difficulty manage customer database
  • ✅High dependency on delivery service reports
  • ✅Lots of Human errors with the manual workload
  • ✅No transparent process to identify the bottlenecks
  • ✅Lack of communication among the team
  • ✅Inability to evaluate team’s performance
  • ✅Operational issues with third parties such as delivery companies
  • ✅Printing waybills
  • ✅Difficulty to manage drop shippers
  • ✅No updated and visibility of data to make strategical decisions
  • ✅Excel and other legacy systems available not satisfied the exact business requirement

Quick Facts

Client : Power Holdings Pvt.Ltd, Kandy


Web Application + Mobile application


PHP, Codeigniter, React, React Native, Mysql


Phase 1 : 6 Months
Phase 2 : 4 Months

Release Year

Phase 1 : 2020
Phase 2 : 2021

Number of Transsactions

120,000+ orders (2022 July)

Our Solution

In order to solve all above problems, Introps thought of new solution where it utilizes the requirements of e-commerce businesses. Thus, the solution was initially designed for the test run within 6 months. The journey of developing this e-commerce solution came a very long way as a completed Mini ERP system for any kind of online business. It was named as "iSales" Online Orders and Sales Management System where it helps to manager 200+ orders per day giving accurate real data, transparent process and reliable service to make strategical decisions for the business.

Key Modules

How it looks alike

We are 100% commited to deliver the perfect solution to each and every client requirement. We always get encouraged by providing the best solution to make 100% customer satisfaction.